Easymaxx Kids Smartwatch in many colors

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Easymaxx Kids Smartwatch

This ingenious smartwatch offers huge advantages for your child. Your child is always connected to you. If they are in danger, there is the possibility to send you an alarm, if the child is lonely, they can send you voice messages or call you, all with just one great children's watch. That your child does not know your number is of course not a problem, because up to 10 phone numbers can be saved. The watch also gives you the option of drawing a safety circuit via GPS. You always know where your child is and receive a message when the specified radius has been exceeded. These many functions are all easy to use and easy to understand even for children. The clock normally shows the time, date and steps taken. The watch is therefore a must-have for all parents who like to have their children under control at a young age and who want to connect their child a little with the modern world.